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Timing is Everything

Haste is a strategic card game that is played in real time.  Unlike turn-based games, Haste is action-oriented so you have to think quick to make meaningful decisions.  Be sure to position your heroes carefully – the lead hero risks it all on the front line as the others wait for their moment to act. 

Haste avoids the mess of card collections by assigning small sets of cards exclusive to each hero. The game strips away complicated rule sets by streamlining cards into easily accessible mechanics.  Take advantage of how these characters interact with each other and switch up your game plan on the fly as you draw into your deck.  When the moment is just right, unleash the devastating combo that you've been building and claim victory! 



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Build Your Party

Choose among 9 different heroes to build your team!  Each character has their own unique set of skills and plays an important role.  Heroes in the Tank class absorb damage and protect their team, but their size slows them down.  Support heroes are vital for keeping the team alive, but their fragile frames make them instant targets.  Damage classes pack the most punch and can ramp up in no time, but keep them safe as they can't take too many hits.  Choose your team wisely and change up your play style, but remember: only the hero in the line of fire can play their cards.



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