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Canadian Game Expo - CGX 2018
CGX Badge

Hello everyone,

We had a chance to attend the CGX this weekend and had an absolute blast checking out the gaming scene here in Ottawa.  Keep an eye on some great upcoming games from local studios like Massive Dmg, Kitfox, Hyroglyphik Games.  Also there are some games in development from Plateau and Oddly Made Games that are shaping up to be really neat.   We met a lot of really cool people and got to see a bunch of cool games, definitely more that we can list here.

While there, we sat at a bunch of different panels that had us thinking a lot about our design choices and how we can improve our game as a whole.  Most importantly, we were able to have some one on one feedback with some folks in the industry that was incredibly valuable.  It's great hanging out with other developers and getting some constructive criticism to help us to evolve our game.

Lastly, even though we didn't get a chance to chat with her, we wanted to thank Jillian Mood for organizing the event and making it easy for indie developers like us to meet and grow.

That's it for now folks, expect a bit of a delay until our next post as we have a lot of new and exciting things to work on with the new insights we've gained.