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Hello Everyone,

This is just a quick update on what is going on over here at Hot Sauce Bread Studios. We have officially completed the paperwork and are now incorporated! Hopefully in the near future, I will be able to give a breakdown of some of the steps that we had to do to get here so stay tuned for that update.

We are grateful for everyone that has shown any bit of interest in our company and passion project ‘Haste’, and your support, thoughtful critiques, and well wishes have driven us to this point. Going forward, we will do our best not to disappoint and come out with the best product that we can possibly make.

Thank you,

~ Cedrick

Would a Rose by Any Other Name…
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Hello Everyone,

If you missed the last post, we have recently changed the name of our game to Haste.  As promised, here is a follow up to our announcement from last week.

All the way back in March, we attended the Ottawa Geek Market and I wrote up a post discussing our experiences there.  This marked the first time that we brought the game out as a playable demo to the general public, so we took all of our feedback very seriously.  For the most part, the reactions to the game were very positive, which we were thrilled about. Moving forward though, we turned to the criticisms to see what we could improve.  Skimming over some of the quality of life and bug fixes that were brought up, one major issue weighed heavy on our minds… the name.

Our title, ‘Sigils of Kairos’ was never meant to be a placeholder, but it was definitely born out of necessity and a looming deadline.  Unfortunately for us, we didn’t begin titling our game until much later in the development cycle. It wasn’t until a potential opportunity came up for us to push the project out to people that we felt the pressure to slap a name on the game.  As a result, we came together and came up with Sigils of Kairos. But how did we come up with that?

Jacob was leaning towards a more obscure name that would be unique on the market.  Names influenced by old languages that touched on deeper meanings would be great for differentiating ourselves from other games.  Game titles along this line would be ‘Terreria’ or ‘Nidhogg’. The problem with this approach is that the names were often too obscure, making it hard for our audience to latch onto.

 I had a completely different philosophy, focusing in on catch words that rolled off the tongue well.  Catchy titles include games like ‘Clash of Clans’, ‘League of Legends’, or ‘Battle Ragers’. The problem with these mobile-like titles was that they didn’t stand out in any way.  These titles are so dime-a-dozen that you probably didn’t even question the fact that I made that last one up completely. 

By looking at these two problems, one can see that Sigils of Kairos was actually the worst of both worlds.  Though we thought the name ticked off the boxes of being both easy to say and unique, it managed to somehow be both obscure and bland at the same time.

This all became clear with our feedback to the game.  Though it was only a few people who even mentioned it, the truth was that the name wasn’t great.  

I should also mention that there were inklings that the name wasn’t the strongest.  Even going into the Geek Market, I suggested using Hot Sauce Bread for the T-shirts since it was a much easier name to remember.  Jacob correctly pointed out that we should be pushing the game over our company, which totally makes sense.  

So what do we do now?

Come on back next week and I’ll discuss what this meant for our progress and how we came about the new name, Haste.

~ Cedrick

May I Present Our New Name: HASTE

Hello Everyone,

Today is a very important update for Hot Sauce Bread Studios. I would like to officially announce the new name for our game: Haste.

As you can see, we have a new title card for the name, as well as a nifty new logo to go alongside it. These logos have gone through a few iterations, but we are pretty happy with how everything turned out. Along with updating our website and social media profiles, we also snagged the URL which will redirect back to the game’s section of this site.

So please spread the word! Let everyone in your feeds know that Haste is the next big indie being developed! With such a small team like ours, this helps us out enormously and we would greatly appreciate any extra eyes on the project that we can get.

Thank you all so much for showing your interest in our passion project, and if you’re curious about how we came to this new name please stay tuned. Next post I will be diving deep into the thought processes behind the original name and how we came to change it this far into development.

~ Cedrick

UI Update: Select, Equip, Defeat!

Hello Everyone,

This blog has been around for quite a while and I am very happy to share our design discussions with you all. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth re-iterating that we are a small two person operation and as a result we have been working on this project for quite a while. This explains why pretty much all of the blog posts on Hot Sauce Bread have been retrospective takes on our design process.

In a way, I really like this format as it gives us the advantage of hindsight to unveil some hidden consequences of our design choices. Unfortunately, this also means that our game often looks like it’s at a standstill when it very much isn’t. Today we take a peek at what is happening with Sigils up to this point.

Victory and Defeat


If you’re an avid follower, you might have noticed a twitter post with the new victory screen. Though there are going to be some tweaks to the design of the font, we are both really happy with how this looks and feels. I personally really like the arcade aesthetic, and I feel like our game really benefits from it. Unlike other card-based games, Sigils (Haste) plays much more like an arcade game which I don’t think comes across well when looking at our screenshots.

Character Select

Character Select Hotsaucebread.png

This is our crack at the character select screen. We needed a way to showcase the characters while still lumping them into their respective roles. I think Jacob made the right choice on this one because it looks pretty straight forward and clear.


Equip Screen

This is a mysterious shot posted on our social media accounts a few weeks back. What does this mean for our game? Well, I think it’s clear that we’ll be adding cosmetic items, but I will likely go over this more in the future. The only thing I can say now is please don’t jump to any conclusions, especially in regards to how we plan on monetizing. In all honesty, we aren’t completely sure of which route to take, but we have a few different ideas kicking around.

We have some more things we’re working on, but this is a general look at some of the updates that we’ve made. Unlike a lot of our other devblog posts, this one seems more similar to what a ‘normal’ dev blog looks like. I hope you all enjoyed a peek behind the curtain, and please help us out by giving us a bit of feedback! You can reach us via the Contact page or making a comment directly on this post. If you want us to get back to you, you are welcome to leave your email address or sign up for any new updates. As usual, if you want to see some of these screens before they hit the blog, you can also follow us on our social medias like twitter or Instagram. This summer is wrapping up at an alarming pace, so we here at Hot Sauce Bread Studios hope you make the best of it.

~ Cedrick

Introducing: Sigils of Kairos (Haste)
Sigils of Kairos - Forest

Back once again!

Today I would like to take some time to introduce Sigils of Kairos!

This is a passion project created by the two man team (mainly Jacob) Hot Sauce Bread Studios. Sigils is a project that has been in the works for a while and is finally ready to be displayed to the world. But what is Sigils of Kairos (Haste)?

Sigils of Kairos (Haste)s a strategic card game that is played in real time.  This forces players to think up strategies quickly in an action-oriented match.  Players build a team consisting of three heroes, each with their own role to play.

To avoid messy card collections each of the three heroes have a set of moves which get shuffled into a deck together. The gameplay in Sigils of Kairos (Haste) thrives on how these moves interact with each other and asks players to constantly shift their gameplay on the fly. Adding to this depth, only one of the three heroes can use their moves at any given time. This pushes players to shift characters frequently and find openings throughout the match.

To keep things simple in this fast paced game, Sigils of Kairos (Haste) strips away the complicated rules and keywords you’d find in most CCGs. Instead, Sigils (Haste) sticks with interesting and easy-to-understand mechanics. This allows Sigils (Haste) to be a fun skill-based game without becoming overwhelming or frantic.

We hope this has piqued your interest! Going forward this blog will become more focused on developmental aspects of our game. If you want to see more, you can check out the Sigils of Kairos link above or follow us on Twitter to see screen grabs periodically. In our next post we will have some exciting news to share for anyone in the Ottawa area.

~ Cedrick

The Long-Awaited Relaunch
Sigils of Kairos Logo.png

Hello Everyone,

In case you haven’t noticed, the website has officially been relaunched! With it comes our new section where you can find out more about our upcoming game Sigils of Kairos (Haste)!

We have kept things close to the vest for a long time (perhaps too long?), but we’re very excited to present SoK (Haste) to the world. On top of this page, you may also notice that we have a revamped About page, where you can get a brief rundown of our origin story.

Our original launch was very rushed, and was put together in less than a week. This resulted in a frenzy of booking URLs, creating a company logo, setting up social media accounts, getting business cards together, and setting up a launch page. We basically tried to put together a company in time for the local show CGX. Though it didn’t really pan out the way we expected to, we proved to ourselves that we could really push ourselves out there when we needed.

We are now about a half year past that point and things have changed both for our company and our game. We have a new cleaner look, a much more refined game, and a clearer plan going forward with Sigils of Kairos (Haste).

We hope that you join us on our path to bring Sigils of Kairos to the world and you can help support us by following us on Twitter and spreading the word. This is truly the beginning of our journey and I really can’t express how grateful we are for any early adopters to our project.

Thank you very much!

UpdateCedrick Lui
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Hey everyone,

As you might have noticed, there are some big changes happening behind the scenes that are starting to drip onto the site.  Admittedly our first foray into the public eye was a bit rushed, and we are working hard to present ourselves at our best.  Along with our new site redesign, we are preparing to show off what we've been tinkering with.  Until then, keep an eye out on our social media for our upcoming announcements!

UpdateCedrick Lui
The Beginning
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Hello Everyone!

This marks our very first post as Hot Sauce Bread Studios, an indie game developer based in Ottawa Ontario.  Currently, we're quite busy developing our first game and are focusing our attention on that for now.  Stay tuned as we will provide screenshots, videos, and information on our upcoming project when we are ready to part the veil.  Also, we are planning to give a behind the scenes look at our designing process and discuss some of the different challenges we've faced in the future.

If you are interested in joining our community, please give us a like or follow on one of our various social media.  You can also hop over to our 'Contact' and send us a quick message.  Be sure to 'opt in' to our community updates if you want the latest information on what we're up to here at Hot Sauce Bread Studios.

UpdateCedrick Lui