Would a Rose by Any Other Name…

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Hello Everyone,

If you missed the last post, we have recently changed the name of our game to Haste.  As promised, here is a follow up to our announcement from last week.

All the way back in March, we attended the Ottawa Geek Market and I wrote up a post discussing our experiences there.  This marked the first time that we brought the game out as a playable demo to the general public, so we took all of our feedback very seriously.  For the most part, the reactions to the game were very positive, which we were thrilled about. Moving forward though, we turned to the criticisms to see what we could improve.  Skimming over some of the quality of life and bug fixes that were brought up, one major issue weighed heavy on our minds… the name.

Our title, ‘Sigils of Kairos’ was never meant to be a placeholder, but it was definitely born out of necessity and a looming deadline.  Unfortunately for us, we didn’t begin titling our game until much later in the development cycle. It wasn’t until a potential opportunity came up for us to push the project out to people that we felt the pressure to slap a name on the game.  As a result, we came together and came up with Sigils of Kairos. But how did we come up with that?

Jacob was leaning towards a more obscure name that would be unique on the market.  Names influenced by old languages that touched on deeper meanings would be great for differentiating ourselves from other games.  Game titles along this line would be ‘Terreria’ or ‘Nidhogg’. The problem with this approach is that the names were often too obscure, making it hard for our audience to latch onto.

 I had a completely different philosophy, focusing in on catch words that rolled off the tongue well.  Catchy titles include games like ‘Clash of Clans’, ‘League of Legends’, or ‘Battle Ragers’. The problem with these mobile-like titles was that they didn’t stand out in any way.  These titles are so dime-a-dozen that you probably didn’t even question the fact that I made that last one up completely. 

By looking at these two problems, one can see that Sigils of Kairos was actually the worst of both worlds.  Though we thought the name ticked off the boxes of being both easy to say and unique, it managed to somehow be both obscure and bland at the same time.

This all became clear with our feedback to the game.  Though it was only a few people who even mentioned it, the truth was that the name wasn’t great.  

I should also mention that there were inklings that the name wasn’t the strongest.  Even going into the Geek Market, I suggested using Hot Sauce Bread for the T-shirts since it was a much easier name to remember.  Jacob correctly pointed out that we should be pushing the game over our company, which totally makes sense.  

So what do we do now?

Come on back next week and I’ll discuss what this meant for our progress and how we came about the new name, Haste.

~ Cedrick