May I Present Our New Name: HASTE


Hello Everyone,

Today is a very important update for Hot Sauce Bread Studios. I would like to officially announce the new name for our game: Haste.

As you can see, we have a new title card for the name, as well as a nifty new logo to go alongside it. These logos have gone through a few iterations, but we are pretty happy with how everything turned out. Along with updating our website and social media profiles, we also snagged the URL which will redirect back to the game’s section of this site.

So please spread the word! Let everyone in your feeds know that Haste is the next big indie being developed! With such a small team like ours, this helps us out enormously and we would greatly appreciate any extra eyes on the project that we can get.

Thank you all so much for showing your interest in our passion project, and if you’re curious about how we came to this new name please stay tuned. Next post I will be diving deep into the thought processes behind the original name and how we came to change it this far into development.

~ Cedrick