The Long-Awaited Relaunch

Sigils of Kairos Logo.png

Hello Everyone,

In case you haven’t noticed, the website has officially been relaunched! With it comes our new section where you can find out more about our upcoming game Sigils of Kairos (Haste)!

We have kept things close to the vest for a long time (perhaps too long?), but we’re very excited to present SoK (Haste) to the world. On top of this page, you may also notice that we have a revamped About page, where you can get a brief rundown of our origin story.

Our original launch was very rushed, and was put together in less than a week. This resulted in a frenzy of booking URLs, creating a company logo, setting up social media accounts, getting business cards together, and setting up a launch page. We basically tried to put together a company in time for the local show CGX. Though it didn’t really pan out the way we expected to, we proved to ourselves that we could really push ourselves out there when we needed.

We are now about a half year past that point and things have changed both for our company and our game. We have a new cleaner look, a much more refined game, and a clearer plan going forward with Sigils of Kairos (Haste).

We hope that you join us on our path to bring Sigils of Kairos to the world and you can help support us by following us on Twitter and spreading the word. This is truly the beginning of our journey and I really can’t express how grateful we are for any early adopters to our project.

Thank you very much!

UpdateCedrick Lui