The Studio

Hot Sauce Bread Studios is an indie game developer located in Ottawa, Ontario. Their debut title Haste is a passion project that has been built with love over the past several years. By approaching the project with a focus on interesting mechanics and engaging gameplay, Hot Sauce Bread Studios is proud to be at the point of development where Haste can be presented to the world.

Jacob Deorksen

Jacob is the driving force for Hot Sauce Bread Studios and is responsible for nearly all that can be seen on Haste. A true jack-of-all-trades, Jacob takes on the coding, art assets, animations, particle effects, UI design, game design, and more.

Cedrick Lui

A creative hobbyist, Cedrick is responsible for the base concept for Haste. With a keen eye for the user experience, Cedrick helps design the core gameplay and surrounding features while keeping project scope in line. Cedrick also takes on a producer and marketing role, managing tasks that fall outside of strict development such as scouting out freelance talent and PR work.